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My first solo CD. Produced by Bobby Barth (AXE, Blackfoot, and others)... Musicians: Guitars & Lead Vocals: Brian Barnhouse Bass: Troy Johnson Drums: Jimmy Hunter Keys & Backing Vocals: Bob Harris Guitars & Backing Vocals: Bobby Barth

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Confessions: CD
  • Confessions: CD
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"Confessions" - My 5th solo album, available now.

"Confessions" Album credits:

Co-produced by: Brian Barnhouse & Matt Bissonette

Mixed and mastered by: Billy Decker

Photography: Shawna Argo


Matt Bissonette: Bass, Keys, Backing Vocals

Gregg Bissonette: Drums

Kurt Griffey: Guitars

Cory DeFrain: 1st gtr solo on "Hard To Let You Go"

Brian Barnhouse: Guitars, Keys, Lead & Backing Vocals

Tracks: 1: You Freak Me Out 2: Times Have Changed 3: Hard To Let You Go 4: It Really Don't Matter 5: Brand New Day 6: I Don't Know, Maybe So 7: All I Do Anymore 8: Want You Anyways 9: Who Are You Running From 10: When The Storms Come

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