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Kicked off of Fakebook:
I was recently kicked off of Facebook, for posting 100% FACTS, about Senator Deb Fischer.
I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused those who followed me on that platform.
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New album: “CONFESSIONS”
Now available on all streaming sites, and physical CDs available for pre-sale in “STORE

Album Personnel and credits:
Gregg Bissonette:  Drums
Kurt Griffey:  Guitars
Matt Bissonette:  Bass, Backing Vox, Keys
Brian Barnhouse:  Guitars, Lead & Backing Vox, Keys
Billy Decker:  Mix and Mastering
Cory DeFrain: 1st gtr solo (Hard To Let You Go)
Shawna Argo: Photography

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"Here Today" album review by FrameMusic
"...With this, Brian carries on in pretty much the same vein as before, though still managing to gain a feeling of progression. Several of the songs again featuring the double lead guitar playing, which was one of the things that appealed to me, when I first listened to Brian. Again he has delivered a selection of songs with some extraordinarily strong and catchy melodies running throughout them all. With a good range of tempos which give the album, plenty of balance...."

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"Sign of Life" album review by, blog:
"Today we present here in exclusive “Sign Of Life“, the just released second album from American musician / songwriter BRIAN BARNHOUSE, a delicious Melodic Rock album with that late ’80s sweet feel."

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"Sign of Life" album review by,
"...Brian is back with his 2nd solo album "Sign Of Life" and the result is simply stunning. Already the production sounds like a million $ bucks from a major label and the songs are pure melodic rock gold with an updated sound / production.

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"Sign of Life" album review by,
"Sign of Life is a collection of ten tight, impeccably produced numbers that are awfully catchy."
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