Hi. My name is Brian Barnhouse.  I'm a long time musician based out of Nebraska.  

My songwriting influences include: Rick Springfield, Bon Jovi, Night Ranger, Thin Lizzy, John Waite, and many others.


I have been in many projects over the years, but released my 1st solo album in June of 2014, entitled "CLARIFIED" 2nd solo album in May of 2018, entitled "Sign of Life"...and my 3rd solo album, "Here Today" was released April 17th, 2020.

"...absolute highlights here are the superb uptempo AOR rocker “Never return” (one of 2014’s finest AOR songs..."
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I started playing guitar at 15, and was in my first 'cover' band by 18.  All of the bands I have ever been in were cover/bar bands, but most of the time we would try to include our own songs, too.  My first experience helping to write a song was with the band "RAYZE" in 1990...
The lead singer (Rich Whalen), was gracious enough to let me sit with him and collaborate on a tune.  Click HERE to check out the only known "live performance" of the RAYZE original "Feel The Fire."

After, RAYZE, I went home and formed an all original band called, "ALIBI"...We recorded 9 originals, before we morphed into "MOTHER TUNG."

Mother Tung played all over the USA, signed a management deal with Barth/Turner Management (Bobby Barth from AXE, BLACKFOOT, and more) in 1994.  Bobby really wanted to do an Album with Mother Tung, produce it, promote it...But, of course, We would effortlessly screw up that management deal.  However, we still recorded our self-titled, self-produced CD in 1998.  

Mother Tung did many things in our time, including:  
- Open for many national acts (Jackyl, Kansas, Quiet Riot, and others).
- Becoming a Finalist in Motley Crue's "Kickstart Your Career" competition.
- TWO honorable mentions in the 15th Annual Mid-Atlantic songwriting competition, with our songs: "Field of Dreams" & "Solid Ground."
- Hundreds and Hundreds of Live shows, through out the USA.
- Released our CD in 1998, sold out almost immediately (NO, we weren't smart enough to get more copies made), and then finally re-released it in 2014 with same exact music, but different packaging. 

There are SO Many stories to tell about Mother Tung, it's as if the movie "Spinal Tap" was written about us....Like Seriously.  :-)

Next up was "Whizker Bizket"...We recorded an EP, entitled: "The 1st Six" in 2006.  I still hope that one day we'll do "The 2nd Six."  :-)  We were a Power Trio, and basically a local cover band, playing classic rock.  We lasted about 7 years, before work schedules took priority (of course), but I sure had a LOT of fun with Frank and Rick.

Then one day, out of the blue, my long time friend "Jimmygold" messages me that he heard "Rock n Roll Party In The Streets" on the radio.  That was the push to contact Bobby, and finally do that album.  9 months later, here came "CLARIFIED" which was released in June of 2014.

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"..."Clarified" should have seen Barnhouse courted by several labels and signed, but sadly it didn't happen.  Quite how an album of such AOR magnificence can go unnoticed is criminal."

Read full article in the PowerPlay magazine (Issue 193 - Dec 16/Jan 17) - AOR Underground section by Rob Evans
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You can check out a few tunes from all three of my albums on the "music" page.

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